Wise Gold Elder

"Richard" or the Wise Gold Elder is an ancient gold dragon of great fame. He is one of the last known dragons in Naelvich. He himself is over a thousand year old and was the metallic dragon who lead the fight against Barabatos's Chromatic dragons. The war was very brutal and had cost the lives of nearly all Naelvich's dragon population. "Richard' is the name the people of Lithdim have decided to call him; this is because his name was very hard to pronounce and has been long forgotten. He is however mostly refereed to as "The Wise and Gold". He works as an advisor to the king and lives in the castle always prepared to react should Barbatos's evil arise again. Richard is one of the last dragons in existence. It is rumored however some dragons still exist or live; Richard does not doubt that some may still be alive, however he doesn't feel they are considerably powerful enough to be of any threat or to be known.

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