Yokoth Dragonwing

Yokoth "Yoko" Dragonwing


Yokoth is a kobold of 13 years, which by kobold standards, makes him barely an adult. This does not stop Yoko from unleashing his draconic bloodline's natural sorcerer, and he will be quick to remind you he is infact "A True Dragon". This power drives him, as he has set out from his homeland in a hope of achieving eternal glory, just as a "true dragon" should. While he is a dragonwrought, that is not "True" a dragon as it should be, Yoko is seeking to attain this connection through his current theory, the draconic language. He feels a certain "Magic" to them, but even as he speaks it, the words do not "produce" the same magical feeling as if spoken by a true dragon. Thus Yoko set's out to find tomes that radiate the same magic that he feels when a dragon speaks.

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