Yuk- Kobold Druid 5


Yukkon "Yuk" Longspear was born to the Longspear tribe. His life before the turning point of his life was mostly unimportant, he was growing up to be the tribe's animal tamer. At the age of 7(Kobolds grow faster, so yeah), his tribe was attacked and utterly destroyed, the few remaining tribesmen(Including Yuk) were shipped off to a Trassian imprisonment camp. He had prayed for freedom for two years, in which Hu-tuai granted him his divine connection with nature, which he quickly used to free the prisoners and escape. He then spent 6 years in quiet solitude in the natural forests to the north, learning the animals and helping the villagers as he went along.

And that's the back-story I should of had all along, he also gained the saint template, but I only write the back-story until he would actually be introduced in the game.

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