Name: Zak, Zakeira, Knight Zakeira
Race; human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
class; fighter, 8th


Bio: A traveling Namiri Knight, and Mercenary. Has a sense of honor, and is -ussualy- calm at all times. Unfortunately, excessively unusual happenings and creatures often give her the heebee jeebees, and may result in a short temper, as they challenge her perception of existance and her ironclad world view on what is, and is not allowed to exist in the world.

Appearance: A tall woman, Her considerable muscle-mass is spread out over her volume, meaning she still looks mostly feminine, although her excessively athletic tendencies have caused her to have very minimal curves, if you catch my meaning.
Her facial features are reasonably attractive, unblemished skin, healthy white-blonde hair kept short, but keeps on getting in her eyes… and a constant grimly determined expression that is about as warm-hearted as a bleak precipice during an antartic winter.
Her armor is polished, maintained ,and well made; it is made of characteristic Namirian Red-Steel, ((slightly better than normal steel)) which is, naturally painted and burnished to a crimson sheen. All periphreal armor pieces (upper arm, thigh, and knee plates are grey steel.)

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