Zypher Bloodmoon

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Race: Human
Class & Level: Scout 3 / Ranger 3
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Tall, dark and lankey. Zypher is the A-typical "nameless wanderer", complete with the duster and boots. His clothing is ever stained with the dust of the road, his boots at scuffed and old, his clothing is faded but serviceable. The only thing that looks new are his twin guns, a pair of Steam Magnums with ebony grips and mithril tracery. His hair is long, dark and shot though with gray he keeps it pulled back in a loose tail. His eyes are those that have seen many a horizon and spent months alone on the road, haunted but always moving on the lookout for the next challanger.

Zy is laid back for the most part, letting the world pass him by. He is happy to be left alone and ignored. He doesn't like being challenged and is quick to draw in anger if baited. To his friends he is loyal as long as they are loyal to him, But if you cross him he will hunt you to the ends of the earth and time to get his revenge.

Zy was the son of a sheriff and took pride in the fact that his father upheld the law. He adored his father and followed him where and whenever he was allowed. Zy loved his mother as well and spent many hours helping her on there farmstead. Zy's father ranged far and wide keeping the land around the town safe and mostly free of crime. As Zy grew older he learned his father's trade, tracking, shooting and the like. He learned to hunt other people, how to hit them where it hurt the most and how to know when they were lieing. In time his father's reputation grew to such that criminals avoided his town. Peace like that only lasts so long. A group of criminals called the "Black Dogs" came rolling into town, just a few at first; one or two members hanging out in the local bar. Zy's father kept an eye on them but let them be, his opinion being; If they dont case trouble then Leave em Be. They kept an eye on him too they took speical notice of his young pretty wife. The leader of the dogs wanted the town for his self. One night Zy woke to his father yelling and fire in his front yard. He ran down stairs, but his father pushed him back inside told him to get his mother and run. Zy did as he was told, he was a good kid and his dad was tough no one could beat him. Zy got his mom and dragged her towards the back, he grabbed a rifle and his training pistol on the way. The Dog's men were waiting on him and his mother, they didnt get five feet before they were jumped upon by men. Zy's mother struggled, Zy managed to get his training pistol but he kept it down by his side, out of sight. The men brougth them around front and to the Dog, of course the Dog took Zy's mother by the hair and told his Father to drop his gun. Father did as he was told, and Dog shot him. Mother cried out, Zy shot. His bullet Grazed Dog's cheek but missed its intended target. Dog grined at Zy and slowly pulled his big nasty Steam Magnum, he levled it at Zy and pulled the trigger, his mom had the sense to buck about then, sending the shot wide, the man behind Zy droped and Zy ran. Some part of his mind heard his mother cry out and then another shot. Zy ran into the scrub-lands surrounding his town and hid in caves he knew from childhood. The men tried to find him, but children are good at hieing. For a few days he was numb, it took time for him to remember what and where he was. By that point he was hungry, he snuck back to his home to find a burned out husk, two bodies on the steps of the home. In what was left in the barn he found an old saddle bag and what passed for jerky, he drank from his family's well for the last time and began the long walk to town with just a saddle bag and his pistol. Four men died in there drunken sleep that day, two more in bed with some whores. Zy eventually caught Dog with his pants down, litealy in the bath house, too distracted by a young towel girl to notice a dirty young boy with a shaking gun. He put the barrel to the base of the mans head and told the girl to run. Dog just grined and shook his head slightly. "You aint got the gu.." He never finished the sentence. Zy had learned to kill a few days ago and one more life wasn't gonna hurt him much. He picked up Dog's possessions and set out on his own. Now he travels from place to place, picking up bounty and guard duty. He never stays too long in one place for fear of getting to comfortable.

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